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Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee

We really enjoyed our visit to Adventure Science Center in Nashville, Tennessee. The kiddos ran and played and had a great time. They also learned a lot in the process. It is a great place to visit for a few hours (maybe longer if you catch a show in the planetarium) while in Nashville.






First Floor

Moon Walker

My kids ran straight to the Moon Walker – first thing! The kids were able to see what it is like to walk and jump in 1/6 gravity. They were put in a harness and given a mission (to get across the spacecraft). Kids are allowed to do this activity twice and then they must wait 30 minutes before trying again. This is because of the harness and protecting the kiddos circulatory system.



Above: I definitely recommend taking pictures from the glass windows. The lighting is fantastic.


Above: I tried taking pictures from this side. The kids were silhouettes, but you can see what a fantastic view the kids get of downtown Nashville while testing out anti-gravity.


Photo Above: At the Workstation



Trajectory Trails

The kiddos liked this launcher. They would angle it and fire to see if they could hit the lighted targets with a tennis ball. With each try, they could shoot from different angles and more forceful launches to get the ball further. It helped show them how to the trajectory of rockets is determined.



Sudekum Planetarium

Sudekum Planetarium show schedule HERE


Adventure Tower

After entering the Adventure Science Museum (and checking in), there are stairs leading up to the adventure tower. There are seven levels full of climbing towers and platforms filled with hands-on, science activities. My kiddos climbed all the way through the roof inside the Tower’s giant glass pyramid. At the top, the kiddos had a fantastic view of downtown Nashville.


Above: The Adventure Tower – 7 levels of playing and learning activities.


Photo Above: Vertebrae Ladder, Whack a Snack, and Wheel and Axle activities in the Adventure Tower


Above:  Climbing up to the very top of the glass pyramid


Left photo: Walk-on giant piano

Middle photo: Move the fan to control the sail

Right photo:  Walk-in guitar


 Above photos: At the top of the Adventure Tower is the Pinnacle. It is a small glass pyramid where you can get a nice view of downtown Nashville.





First Floor

Fourth State of Matter – Plasma Ball


Above: Kids can lift a car all by themselves with a lever.


Photo Above: The kids LOVED learning how parachutes work. They lifted the parachutes with the pulley and then watched the parachutes fly. They ended up racing each other to see whose parachute would land first.


Wonders of the Universe

We got to see all of the planets (even dwarf planet Pluto was there). We could also see all of the “stars” from Cosmic Rays upstairs.


Above photo via




Second Floor

Mission: Possible

The kiddos learned about the obstacles and challenges of those with disabilities.





Here the kids were able to learn all about the human body.


Above: Learning about the brain, the heart, and respiratory system.



Photo Above & Below: The Down the Hatch Exhibit explains digestion and the path food takes through the body. First,  the kiddos throw food into the big mouth… Then they help the mouth chew its food…Then the kiddos help the food mix together in the mixer. Last, but not least, you slide down the colorectal slide – at the end of the slide, there is a really loud fart!



Above: This was definitely a popular spot for all the kids that I saw. They all loved “riding” and “driving” an ambulance.


Photo Above: Working the fingers on the big mechanical hand to try and grab the ball (it’s a lot harder than it looks). The Move It! dance game  (in the middle photo). Kids could put on a lab coat in the Medical clinic to help the patient (picture on the right)



Body Battles Game

This laser game runs every 10 minutes. It teaches kids about the body’s immune system. Some kids are fighting for Lieutenant Lymphocyte’s team (healthy habits) and some are bad germs and habits for Private Pathogen’s soldiers. The kid’s scores are based on how many targets they hit with their laser.



Dino Rumble

This small area has a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a family of Triceratops for the kiddos to see. Not much to do here, but it is informative and a neat place to take a picture.



There is a Subway Sandwich shop here on the second floor behind the Dino Rumble.


Cosmic Rays


Nano Exhibit




Third Floor & The Pinnacle

The third floor is very small. Here you’ll find a little beekeeping exhibit where we watched bees up close and personal. There were a few other little games for the kiddos. If you and the kiddos don’t want to climb the narrow staircases to reach the Pinnacle at the top of Adventure Tower, you can ride the elevators and enter the Pinnacle here on the third floor.




Adventure Science Center  //  800 Fort Negley Blvd.  Nashville, TN 37203-4899  //  615.862.5160

Adventure Science Center WEBSITE


Have you guys been to the Adventure Science Center in Nashville? What was your family’s favorite part? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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