Atlanta, Georgia: LEGOLAND Discovery Center

We had such a fun time at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The kids are still talking about it!

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is located in Phipps Plaza in Buckhead, Georgia. It is on the third floor of this mall and the entrance is directly across from Johnny Rockets.

We went on a Tuesday at lunch time and there were several field trip groups visiting on the same day as we were. It was very crowded, but the groups cleared out around 2 p.m. and it felt like we had the place to ourselves. One mom told me that it can get really crowded on the weekends.

After checking in, we walked through the entryway.



Next, we entered the factory to learn and see how LEGOs are made.








Kingdom Quest

After leaving The Factory, we had three areas that we could choose to enter. There were entrances to the Kingdom Quest, Space Mission, and MiniLand.

The kids wanted to first ride the Kingdom Quest ride. The ride has a four seat “chariot” and we each had a lazer pointer. We shot our lazers at spiders, bats, ogres, and skeleton logo characters. We were trying to zap them all so that we could save the princess. We each had a little scoreboard to keep up with our individual scores.


Flash photography isn’t allowed on Kingdom Quest and I couldn’t get a decent photo of this ride to show you, but here is one from the LEGOLAND Discovery Center Website:

Kingdom Quest Laser Ride



Space Mission

Next, we moved on to the Space Mission Exhibit. There were LEGO planets and comets hanging from the ceiling and LEGO rockets on display. There were also several areas where the kids could build their own LEGO creation.






After Space Mission, we entered Mini Land which is a small LEGO version of Atlanta. I could have stayed in here forever. I really admired all of the work and thought that went in to this exhibit.














This room is really bright, and then after a few minutes, the lights dim.  The buildings light up as night falls on MiniLand (LEGO Atlanta), and they even have a digital fireworks show on the wall.


Next, we entered a huge play area. This is where we found the Cinema, the Merlin’s Apprentice Ride, the Lego Friends Playhouse, and Pirate Adventure Island. The Café and the restrooms are located in this area also.





The food in the Café wasn’t as expensive as I thought it would be. The drinks seem to be more costly than the food. You can see the menu HERE.



LEGO Duplo Play Area

There is a small play place in the LEGO Café area designed for smaller children. It is a small barn with a slide, and a LEGO Duplo pit and LEGO animals. There is a lot of seating here for parents to sit and watch their children play.




Earthquake Tables

My son loved the Earthquake Tables. He would make his LEGO creation, and then turn on the “earthquake” to see how strong his building was.

It was fun to watch the dads build 3-4 foot tall structures and then watch then fall when they turned on the earthquake.


Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

The kids rode this ride about 47,000 times. I rode once with my son, but it was very “spinny” and one ride was all I could take. It reminded me of a ride at the county fair. The ride spins and the faster you pedal, the higher you go.







Pirate Adventure Island

The kiddos LOVED Pirate Adventure Island. My son made a few buddies and he played FOREVER in here. There is a huge pirate ship and play area. Kids can make their own mini pirate ship and let it sail down to Treasure Island.

There are a few cushion-y benches in this area where parents can sit and watch their kids run around.








LEGO Master Builder Academy

The kiddos took a Master Builder’s Class. On the day of our visit, the classes began every half hour. The class didn’t last more than ten minutes. My kiddos made a top and a special machine to make the top spin faster.



Lego Racers: Build & Test

We built our own race cars and raced them down the ramps in the speedway area.





LEGO Friends Playhouse

My daughter loved the LEGO Friends playhouse. Her favorite part was the karaoke.







The Cinema

One of the kiddos’ favorite parts of our visit was the Cinema. We watched 5 mini movies. The movies were in 4D. We were given glasses and the movies felt like they were jumping out at us. It was fun to watch all of the kids in the theatre reaching up to try and “grab” the objects coming out of the screen.

If it rained in the movie, we were sprinkled with water. If it was windy, fans blew wind on us. If it was snowing in the movie, then lots of  “snow” fell from the ceiling (it was actually bubbles). It was very exciting and the kids squealed and laughed the whole time.

There is a countdown clock at the cinema. It tells the name of the next movie that is showing and a countdown for when the show will begin. On the day that we went, the movies ran two times each before a new movie began.


There are always employees sitting at the exit area. I’m assuming it is so that little kiddos can’t “escape” without a parent. Beyond the exit, there is a gift shop full of LEGO goodies.

There were LEGO Building areas in every nook and cranny of this center. There are seats, benches, and tables where kiddos (and adults) can just sit and build with Legos.

I recommend at least 2-3 hours to see and enjoy all the exhibits, watch all of the movies, ride both rides, and enjoy lots of play time. We were here for 7 hours and the kids enjoyed every minute (this is where the kiddos wanted to go during Spring Break, so I let them enjoy it as long as they wanted).

I recommend comfy clothes and shoes (and maybe some extra strength Ibuprofen for Mom & Dad).

Tickets are less expensive if bought online (you must pick the specific date and time you are planning to visit for the online deal). I bought our tickets right before we left the day of our visit.

Get Tickets Online HERE

LEGOLAND Discovery Center  //  Phipps Plaza, 3500 Peachtree Rd G-1, Atlanta, GA 30326, USA  //  404.848.9252


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