Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids




We took our kiddos to Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia and they loved it! Since it is just a few hours away, we purchased the Season’s Pass. We always have a great time – riding our family favorites and trying new attractions.

We are loving all of the new changes at Six Flags – Like the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis, which is similar to Kingdom Quest at LEGOLAND Discovery Center or Toy Story at Disney World. Also the Georgia Cyclone will be replaced with Twisted Cyclone (a wooden coaster with steel track hybrid coaster).

Here are some exciting things to do with kids at Six Flags (and a few places to relax and cool off) :



Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids

Six Flags over Georgia in Atlanta. Park Map photo via



Thrill Rides for Older Kids/Teens/Parents

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

Superman. Above photo via


We honestly don’t spend a lot of time on the thrill rides, since my kids are 8 & 10 years old. I have ridden most of these, some since I was a teenager, and I’ve enjoyed them all. I’m sure it won’t be too long before my kiddos will want to ride these as well.




Small Roller Coasters

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

The Joker Funhouse Coaster. Above photo via.


  • Joker FUNhouse Coaster – Not to be confused with the Joker Chaos Coaster!
  • Dahlonega Mine Train – Some consider this a “thrill ride”, and it honestly is very “jerky” for my taste, but my kiddos LOVE this ride. They ride it over and over again when the lines are low.
  • Great American Scream Machine – This roller coaster could also be considered a thrill ride. It is a smooth, wooden roller coaster with no loops. The first drop is about 100 feet. My 10 year-old daughter loves it. The 8 eight year-old – not so much.



Attractions for Small Kids

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

Wonder Woman Flight School. Above Photo via



Carousel Hill is a great place to spend some time with the kiddos. There is a carousel and a few mini rides. My kiddos’ favorite is the Hanson old-timey cars. The love being able to “drive” mom around. If the lines aren’t too long, we ride these cars several times.

DC Super Friends is also fun for kids. There is an arcade which is also the entrance to the Joker Funhouse Coaster. Other rides include Batman Batcopters, Wonder Woman Flight School, and Superman’s Tower of Power.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

Above: My kiddos are somewhere on the Superman Tower of Power.



Right next to DC Super Friends is Bugs Bunny BOOMTOWN, which includes pirate ship swings, spinning speed boats, and Daffy Duck Bucket Blasters. There are also kid-sized trains, semi-trucks, boats, a (wagon-shaped) ferris wheel, tug boats, etc. Kids will like the Looney Tunes Adventure Camp which is a big playground.

There is also a Harley Quinn Spinsanity attraction kids can ride near the Joker Chaos Coaster in Gotham City. It’s a “spin-ny” ride – You’ve been warned!

If the little ones are getting tired, you can ride the Marthasville Train back to the entrance (or as long as you’d like if the kiddos take a nap). We have also taken the Sky Buckets from the back of the park up to the front. It took our kiddos a while to warm up to the Sky Buckets because they were afraid of heights (100 feet in the air). But now they are much braver and they love the Sky Buckets. And I love getting to rest on these rides as well.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids

Above: Save yourself some steps by taking the Sky Buckets (they run from near the front to the back of the park).





Water Rides

Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

Thunder River. Above photo via


The kids love Thunder River. It’s a circle raft boat that rides through some gentle rapids. It is a great ride for cooling off. You will definitely get wet, if not SOAKED! There is a lot of laughing on this ride. We try to ride Thunder River early in the day, because the lines get LONG as the day goes on.

My kiddos also like the Log Jamboree ride that is close to the front entrance of the park. It is a slow, smooth ride in a log boat with one small drop that is thrilling without being scary.

It took a while for my kiddos to warm up to  Splash Water Falls.  The big drop seems a little intimidating. But once they tried it, they loved it. Now this ride is a “must-do” every visit in the summer.


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids

Splashwater Falls. Above photo via


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids

Above: The bridge at Splashwater Fall. It’s a great place to wait for boats to go down the drop and get soaked!




Water Rides – Hurricane Harbor

Another family favorite is Hurricane Harbor. It is located in the back section of the park and is a perfect place to cool off in the heat of the day. There is a large wave pool (Calypso Bay) and water slides (Bonzai Pipelines). My daughter loves the Tsunami Surge, which I call the big toilet bowl ride. There is also a HUGE playground called Paradise Island full of mini splash pads, water blasters, tipping buckets, and various water slides. The kiddos could play here for hours. And I could sit in a my beach chair for hours and relax.



Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta

Above: Hurricane Harbor wave pool and Bonzai Pipeline slides in background. Photo via


Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta with Kids






More Tips

  • We visit Six Flags early -early in the summer, early in the day -to avoid long lines. We have found the park is less crowded on Wednesdays (church night – no church groups) & Thursdays. Weekdays during September, April, May, and June are also less crowded.
  • There are lots of seasonal events (like Fright Fest) and the park is open year round.
  • No outdoor food and drink is allowed.
  • Food options include: Johnny Rockets, Lickskillet (chicken fingers & burgers with veggie and condiment bar), Coldstone Creamery, Macho Nachos, Primo’s Pizzaria, Panda Express, and Dippin’ Dots. There are many concession stands that sell snacks and drinks. The drinks are Coke Products, water, and lemonade.
  • Lockers are available.
  • You can bring in a backpack with a swimsuit, beach towels, and change of clothes for Hurricane Harbor. There are showers and changing rooms located in this water park.


Our family is excited about visiting Six Flags in Atlanta again next year!


Have you been to Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta? What was your favorite part?

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