The Best Cheap Eats at EPCOT

 The Best Cheap Eats at EPCOT



A trip to Disney World can be very expensive, especially if you have a family to feed. I’ve created a list of the best cheap eats at EPCOT at Disney World.  Kid’s Menu items are included since adults can also order Kid’s Menu meals. The portions are nice and many meals are less than $10.00. I tried to keep the meals $10.50 or less and the snacks are $5.00 or less.


Cheap Eats At EPCOT

  • Via Napoli (in Italy)The Kid’s Menu offers Margarita Pizza and Spaghetti with Meatballs for $9.50.
  • Nine Dragons Restaurant (in China) – You can order Vegetable Spring Rolls for $4.98, Vegetable and Egg Fried Rice for $3.98, and/or Hot & Sour Soup for $3.98. On the Kid’s Menu, you can get Honey Chicken Nuggets with Honey Sauce, Egg-fried Rice, Carrots, and Broccoli for $7.98 or Sweet-and-Sour Shrimp with Lo Mein for $8.98.
  • Lotus Blossom Café (China) – Most Entrees are $9.99. The Pork and Vegetable Egg Rolls are $3.99 and the Chicken Potstickers are $5.25. You can also order from the Kid’s Menu. Potstickers and Spring Rolls come with water, juice, or milk for $7.95. Sweet and Sour Chicken is served with Rice and comes with a choice of juice, water, or milk for $7.95.
  • Kabuki Café (Japan) – All Snack, Desserts, and Entrees at Kabuki Café are $5.25 or less. For example, Combo Sushi (Two pieces of California Roll with Salmon and Shrimp Temari Sushi) is $5.00 and a Side of Edamame is $4.00.


The Best Cheap Eats at EPCOT

Tacos at La Cantina de San Angel in Epcot. Above Photo via




  • Tokyo Dining (Japan) – The Entrees at Tokyo Dining cost between $12.00 -$26.00 (even the Kid’s entrees are $13.00!), but there are other options under $10.00. Appetizers include Sesame and Chili Edamame for $6.50,  Grilled Shrimp Salad for $9.25, Seafood Yuzu Shio Ramen for $9.00, and Spicy Tempura Calamari for $9.25. You can also order sides a la carte: Tuna $3.00,  Yellowtail (One piece) $3.50, Shrimp (One piece) $2.75, Eel (One piece) $3.00,  Salmon (One piece)  $3.00,  Seabream (One piece) $3.50, Crab (One piece) $4.00, Scallop (One piece) $3.50.  Desserts include Green Tea Mousse Cake for $6.50, Ginger Mousse Cake $6.50, Soft Serve Ice Cream (Green Tea, Vanilla, or Swirl) $4.95.
  • Katsura Grill (Japan) – Cheap Eats at Katsura Grill include Miso Soup for $3.00, Side Salad for $3.99, California Roll for $9.00, Spicy Roll for $9.00, and Chicken Teriyaki (served with Steamed Rice and Vegetables) for $10.00. The sides are Edamame for $4.00 and Rice for $2.00. The desserts here are the Green Tea Cheese Cake for $4.50 and Ice Cream (Green Tea, Azuki Strawberry) for $4.00.


Cheap Eats At EPCOT at Disney World

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Cheap Eats (Continued)

  • Chefs de France (France)Chefs de France has some expensive entrees that are over $30.00, but there are a few options under $10.00. The Lobster Bisque and French Onion Soup are $8.99 each, and the Salade aux lardons et croutons (greens with house vinaigrette dressing, diced smoked bacon, tomatoes, and croutons) for $8.99. On the Kid’s Menu, you can order Breaded Chicken Strips (served with Pasta) for $8.50, Ground beef steak on a brioche bun (with French fries) for $9.50, or the Pan-roasted flounder (served with green beans and tomatoes) for $10.00. These options are available for lunch or dinner.
  • Crepes des Chefs de France (France) – All the crepes are under $5.00, except for the ice cream cake, which is $5.16.
  • Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (in France)- Try the Croissant Jambon Fromage, a croissant with ham, cheese and Béchamel for only $4.75. The Lobster Bisque is $4.90. They also offer an assortment of pastries, cookies, and creams for less than $5.00 if you’d prefer a sweet snack. Most entrees and sides here are under $10.00.


Cheap Eats At Epcot

Macaroons are a Cheap Eat at Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie




{MORE} Cheap Eats At EPCOT

  • Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway) – All of the Entrees at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe are $9.99 or Less (Except for the Viking Combo, which is $13.99). All of the desserts are $5.50 or less!
  • Restaurant Marrakesh (Morocco) – Many of the entrées are expensive at Restaurant Marrakesh, but you can still get a taste of Morocco for less than $10.00. The Beef Bratwurst Rolls are $8.99, the Harira Soup is $6.99, Moroccan Merguez Sausage is $8.99, the Moroccan Jasmina Salad is $7.99, and the Chicken Bastilla is $9.99. The desserts range from $5.99-$8.99. The kid’s meals are $7.99 and choices include Chicken Tenders (with carrot sticks, applesauce, and milk), Hamburger (Served on a bun with lettuce and tomatoes with carrot sticks, applesauce, and milk), and Moroccan Style Pasta – (Served with meatballs in tomato sauce with carrot sticks, applesauce, and milk).
  • Liberty Inn (American Pavilion) –  The Red, White and Blue Salad (Field Greens, Dried Cranberries, Pecans, Apples, Blue Cheese and Sherry Vinaigrette) for $8.49. Kid’s Meals are $6.99 or less. They include Grilled Chicken, Chicken and Apple Salad, Hamburger, Hot Dog, Chicken Nuggets, and Pasta with Marinara. The meals are served with yogurt, apple slices, and water.
  • Sommerfest (Germany) – At Sommerfest, you can get the Bratwurst (Served on a freshly baked Roll with Sauerkraut and Paprika Chips for $9.99 or the Frankfurter (Served on a freshly baked Roll with Sauerkraut and House-made Paprika Chips for $9.79. You could also order a side Nudel Gratin, which is Baked Macaroni with Cheese Custard for $4.29. Desserts include  Apple Strudel with Vanilla Sauce for $4.79 or Black Forest Cake for $4.79.


The Best Cheap Eats at EPCOT

School Bread at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe (Norway). Above Photo Via

Cheap Eats At EPCOT (Continued)

  • Sunshine Seasons Food Court (EPCOT Future World/The Land) – At Sunshine Seasons, the Breakfast Options are $9.99 or less. For Dinner, there are soups, salads, desserts, and kid’s meals for less than $7.00. See FULL MENU HERE.
  • The Land Cart (Future World) – You can grab a cheap snack at the Land Cart. Options include:  Fruit and Cheese Plate (Grapes, Strawberries, Cheddar and Swiss Cheese) $6.50, Vegetable Plate (Broccoli, Carrot Sticks, and Tomatoes with Dip) $4.25, Hummus with Pretzels $4.75, Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce $6.00, Veggie Chips $3.25, and Whole Fruit $2.25
  • Electric Umbrella (Innovations East) – There are many menu options on the Electric Umbrella that are $10.00 or less. Entrées include: Energy Salad (Fresh Greens topped with Seasonal Fruit and Feta Cheese) for $8.49, Sausage and Pepper Sandwich (Italian Sub Roll stuffed with Italian Sausage, Peppers, Onions, Tomato, and topped with melted Provolone served with French Fries) for $10.49, Three-Cheese Flatbread (Individual Flatbread with fresh Mozzarella, Provolone, Parmesan and Arugula) for $10.49, Veggie Naan-wich (Naan Bread filled with Broccoli Slaw, Edamame and drizzled with Tofu Wasabi Dressing served with French Fries) for $9.99, and Chicken Breast Nugget (8 pieces served with French Fries) for 9.49. Kid’s Meals are $6.99 or Less, and Desserts are $4.99 or Less.
  • Fife & Drum (World Showcase) – At Fife & Drum, you can get ice cream, Mickey Pretzels, and Popcorn for less than $5.00 each.







Meals You Can Split At EPCOT


Another way to save money at Disney World is to split a meal, and these meals can be split between 2 adults or 1 adult and 1 child. I tried to find meals that would cost less than $10.00 or less per person

  • La Cantina de San Angel (Mexico) – Two guests can easily split three tacos, sides, chips, and pico de gallo. Chicken Tacos are $11.95 and are served with Beans and Rice. Fish Tacos are $12.95 and include  Mexican Rice, Refried Black Beans, Slaw, and Habanero Aioli. Beef Tacos are also $12.95 and are served with Beans and Rice.
  • Block & Hans (American Adventure)- Split a Mickey Pretzel with Cheese Sauce AND a Craft Beer for about $15.00.
  • Restaurant Marrakesh (Morocco) – You could split the Appetizer Combination for Two (Beef Brewat Rolls, Chicken Bastilla, and Jasmina Salad). It is available for lunch and dinner and is $17.99. Or, split the Bastilla Dessert for 2 for $8.99.
  • La Cava del Tequila (Mexico)La Cava del Tequila is mostly known for its alcohol beverages, but has a few food items. The Trio Combo includes plenty of chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso to share. It’ll set you back about $17.00.
  • Sunshine Seasons – The Oak-Grilled Rotisserie Chicken at Sunshine Seasons is served with Yellow Rice and Black Beans. It can easily be shared by two people and costs $12.99.
  • Tangierine Cafe  (World Showcase) – The platters and entrees at Tangierine Café have very generous portions and the prices range from $12.99-17.99. You could even add on an extra side or two and have a filling meal for two for $20.00 or less.



The Best Cheap Eats at EPCOT

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What are your favorite cheap eats at EPCOT? Let us know in the comments!


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The Best Cheap Eats At EPCOT at Disney World



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