Our Day in Cincinnati, Ohio


We first visited the Historic Findley Market. The aroma of fresh baked bread hit us as soon as we entered the market…it was heavenly! We were on the hunt for some super yummy snacks and Findley Market did not disappoint. We ended up trying nachos, crepes, and gelato.

We also did some window shopping and my mom got some spices from an awesome spice shop. There were so many desserts, fruits and vegetable, fresh meats and cheeses, oils and vinegars, fudge and pastries, etc…

We really enjoyed our visit here, even though it was raining and there weren’t any outside vendors the day we visited. There is so much delicious food here. I recommend bringing your appetite when visiting Findley Market, fo sho!


Next, we visited the Cincinnati Museum Center. The museum is currently under some major renovations and the Vikings Exhibit and The Duke Energy Children’s Museum are the only two museum exhibits that are currently open.

I talked to some of the employees and apparently the renovations won’t be completed until the late fall in 2018.

We spent quite a bit of time at the Duke Energy Children’s Museum and the kiddos had a great time. If there were bunk beds and Cheetos, they probably would want to move in and live there.

Every thing is the perfect size for youngsters and there are even costumes in some areas (vet lab coats, postal worker uniform, raincoats for the water works area, etc.)  Some areas were a little worn (paint chipped, etc), but kids don’t notice things like that. They just thought it was wonderful – like their own kid-sized world to play in.


Below: Renovations were going on inside and out



Below: The Energy Zone. My kiddos spend the majority of their visit in this area. This area is full of simple machines that are meant to send the balls to the Big Bucket. Once the Big Bucket is full, a bell sounds, and the kids know that all of the balls will fall out of the bucket. They loved it! They liked filling the little elevator with balls, shooting balls from cannons, walking on a treadmill and sending the balls over to the Big Bucket. Sometimes they would run out of the way to avoid the falling balls or they would stand underneath and let them fall on them. Then they would scramble back to their machines to get the balls back in the bucket.





Below:  My kiddos also spent a lot of time at the Kroger Grocery Store. The groceries would scan and beep and the prices would ring up for the kids to see. They would “buy” the groceries and then take them to their house or the diner or to make lemonade at the lemonade stand.



Below: The kiddos could fill the red bag with rocks and then maneuver the crane to put the rocks in the yellow bucket.


Below: A Lego play area in this red bridge


Below: These huge teeth at Inside The Grin. You can brush and floss the huge teeth and sit in a dentist’s chair (and learn more about oral health care).


Below: Nature’s Trading Post. The kiddos liked seeing the snakes in this exhibit.


Below: Water Works play area


Below: The kiddos also liked spending time at the Diner and the Lemonade Stand. My daughter would get her lemons at the grocery store and then “make” and sell lemonade. She tried to sell the lemonade for $4 even though the sign clearly said .25


Below: A little play area for smaller children.


Below: The Kroger Fuel Center is a gas station and a car repair shop.


Below:  Banfield Pet Hospital. I thought this area was really cute. It has stuffed animals with little feeding dishes. There were lab coats and animal x-rays that the kids could examine.


Below:  The Woods. There were lots of climbing areas and tunnels in this “treehouse”. There is a little play area at the top and a bridge.



Below:  We had dinner at Blinker’s Tavern (Blinker’s Tavern is actually in Covington, Kentucky, but it is right next to Cincinnati). It was recommended to us by some locals and all of the reviews online were great. It was a really nice restaurant and the food was fantastic.

I got the Black and Bleu Burger with no bun (On Mondays, Burgers are $6 and come with fries) and I opted for Horseradish Mashed Potatoes instead of fries. It sounds like a weird combination, but it was very flavorful and delicious. My sister got the Chicken Avocado Sandwich and she really liked it.

They had a children’s menu that the kiddos could color while we waited on our food. My son got the grilled cheese and my daughter got the macaroni and cheese and they both loved their food. It was so nice to find a restaurant that the grown-ups and kids both enjoyed so much.


We had a great day in Cincinnati! When we visit again, I would love to visit all of these places again and I’m sure the kiddos would agree.  I really look forward to visiting the Cincinnati Museum Center after the renovations are completed (I peeked into one of the windows where the renovations are being done and this place is awesome!)

Have you been to Cincinnati, Ohio? Do you have any recommendations?


Findley Market // 1801 Race St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 // 1-513-665-4839

Findley Market Website


The Duke Energy Children’s Museum // 1301 Western Ave., Union Terminal, Cincinnati, OH 45203-1103  // 1-513-287-7000

The Duke Energy Children’s Museum Website


Blinker’s Tavern  //  318 Greenup St, Covington, KY 41011  // 1-859-360-0840

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