A Day in Bellefontaine, Ohio

My mom, the kiddos, and I drove to Celina, Ohio to visit my sister last week. While we were there, we decided to make a little day trip to Mad River Mountain in Bellefontaine, Ohio.

There has been a big snowstorm the week before, but we missed it. Fortunately, we got a nice, cold day and Mad River Mountain makes their own snow (there were a lot of snow flurries, but it didn’t stick).

There were a few slopes for snow boarding and skiing, but we decided to head over to Avalanche Tubing Park for some snow tubing.

There is a small cafeteria type room with tables and chairs and soda machines. There is a spot where you can buy coffee, hot chocolate, juice, water, soda, nachos, candy, and many other snacks. There are also rest rooms located here.

They offer a 3-hour snow tubing pass for $25, and the kids tubed the entire 3 hours. They came in to the cafeteria a few times for drinks, but they loved snow tubing. We had to drag the boy off of the tube slopes. He loved it!



Below: Avalanche Tubing Park at Mad River Mountain


It was VERY cold and windy, so we wore our thermals and ski clothes and boots.


Below: There is an escalator to ride to the top of the hill (pulling your own snow tube). At the top you can decide on which slope you want (some are faster and/or have more hills  than others). You can also decide if you want to tube alone or link with other friends and slide down together.




The kids were so excited to play in the snow, since we hardly ever get any in Alabama.




After a few hours of tubing, we decided to head a few minutes down the road to Six Hundred Downtown. It was recommended to us by friends, and all of the reviews online were fantastic.

The restaurant got it’s name because every pizza is baked in one of their 600 degrees brick fired ovens. They offer signature and award winning pizzas or you can create your own (the toppings/possibilities are endless).

They also offer Hero Sandwiches, Pasta, Salads, Calzones, and Kid’s Meals. They also have a nice variety of beers and wines.


Below:  We were able to see the oldest concrete street in America on our way to Six Hundred Downtown.


Everything we tried at Six Hundred Downtown pizzeria was delicious. All of their food is made fresh so there is a wait – even appetizers take 15-20 minutes to arrive to the table. It was definitely worth the wait though!


Below: We ordered the Garlic Knots Appetizer with Garlic Butter and Marinara Sauce.


Below:  I ordered the Bleu Pear Salad (arugula, prosciutto, fresh pears, bleu cheese, candied pecans, and balsamic drizzle) and it was very good!


Below:  I love how each table had large pizza sauce cans on them, and the pizzas were placed on them when they arrived at the table. My mom and sister ordered the Mad Hatter Pizza (one of their award winning pizzas). They said it was different and a little sweet, but very good.


Below: There is a wait for the food, since it is so fresh. The waitress was very nice and brought the kids a small ball of pizza dough to play with while we waited. The kids had so much fun with that dough. They ordered pepperoni and cheese kid’s pizzas (only $4!) and they loved them!

It was a fun day! The snow tubing was a lot of fun and the food was fantastic!


Mad River Mountain  //   1000 Snow Valley Rd, Zanesfield, OH 43360  //  937.599.1015



Six Hundred Downtown  //  108 S Main St, Bellefontaine, OH  //  937.599.6600

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